OT HELP! qMAIL-->Sendmail not working from Rev CGI's

Sivakatirswami katir at hindu.org
Fri Mar 31 16:16:25 EST 2006

We migrated our content to a new server and Rev is running well, very  
little reconfig, everything is working almost  perfectly, right out  
of the box.

but i cannot get Rev to open the mail process.

The box is running Fedora CORE 3 and managed by the PLESK control  
panel which uses qMail

Support sent me an email simply saying "The path is not /usr/sbin/ 
sendmail.. you need to use /var/qmail/bin/sendmail... see this perl  
script which runs fine."


#            EDIT THIS PART                                            #
$subject="Test Mail";
    this is a test .. please ignore..

#                     Do not Edit                                      #
print "Content-type: text/html\n\n";
open(MAIL, "|/var/qmail/bin/sendmail -t") || print "Unable to send  
mail: $!";
    print MAIL "To: $to\n";
    print MAIL "From: $from\n";
    print MAIL "Subject: $subject\n\n";
    print MAIL "$body \n\n";
    print MAIL "Thank You.\n";
print "<h2>Mail successfully sent..</h2><br>Thank you :)\n";

They were right.. it works.. I will get an email immediately  and are  
response  in the browser.

But a parallel script form Rev fails: this handler in CGIs fails to  
execute anything.

put  "/var/qmail/bin/sendmail -t" into mprocess
         open process mprocess for write
         write "From:" && (urlDecode (tDataIn["from"]))& cr to  
process mprocess
         write "To:" &&   "katir at hindu.org"  &  cr to process mprocess
         write "Subject:" &&   (urlDecode (tDataIn["subject"]))   &   
cr & cr to process mprocess
        write    (urlDecode (tDataIn["body"])) &  cr to process mprocess
        close process mprocess
        put the result into tResponse
--Put "Email was sent successfully." into tResponse
     put "Content-Type: text/html" & cr
     put "Content-Length:" && the length of tResponse & cr & cr
     put tResponse
end if

any clues on what is wrong? this same script works fine on another  
box,  the CGI is functional, CHMOD 775 is working I can send "dummy"  
output to stdOut and get it back.. so, its just the call and write to  
the mail process that is failing.

I'm in trouble.. hope to get this  working today. email me off list... 
( or on list if we want CGI stuff in the forum... could be useful for  



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