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Mark Schonewille europe at
Fri Mar 31 04:24:07 EST 2006


I'm woking on an ftp client for the Mac, exactly because the 
Finder doesn't deal with FTP too well. I thought Windows users 
wouldn't have much of an interest in a simple and easy-to-use 
yet feature-stuffed and good-looking FTP client ;-) If there is 
a market for it, I'll adjust the client to work on Windows 
machines as well. It's price tag is expected to be equal to 
Interarchy's upgrade. Write me off-list for more info.



Chipp Walters wrote:
> Richard Gaskin wrote:
>> Andre Garzia wrote:
>>> what about me that love my mac but hate the finder... Why, for the  
>>> love of God, can't we mount a FTP drive as a Read and Write volume?
>> Because you don't have Interarchy installed:
>> <>
>> Is that built-in with Windows?
> WebDav is, and IE can do basic FTP stuff.


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