Can't pass array function result as parameter

J. Landman Gay jacque at
Thu Mar 30 23:49:09 EST 2006

James Spencer wrote:

> My problem is that while the debugger shows tArray in my mouseUp  
> handler to be valid and shows it to have been correctly modified,  when 
> I step into the library code for LibUseDifferentArray, it shows  pArray 
> as empty and the processing fails.

Also, I just found an old note about this from Scott Raney:

>>> I have seen other limitations.  I can return an array from a function 
>>> and pass an array as a parameter but not both in the same expression as 
>>> in somFunction(buildArray()).
> This is because you can only pass arrays using *variables*, not as the
> return value of a function call.  In C/C++/Java, trying to do the
> above where "someFunction" takes a reference would generate a syntax
> error.  MC/RR, being an untyped language, just silently takes the
> scalar value (which in this case will be empty) if it can't find a
> variable when it gets to the called function.  You can work around
> this by breaking it into two steps:
> get buildArray()
> get someFunction(it)

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