preOpenStack, openStack in Card 1?? Rules conformation

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Thu Mar 30 14:57:39 EST 2006

David Burgun wrote:

>>> Also I am not clear of the path the preOpenStack and openStack   
>>> handlers take. For a mainStack I'm guessing its:
>>> mainStack:Card1:preOpenStack and if not defined mainStack:  
>>> preOpenStack.
>>> But how about a sub-stack?
>>> subStack:preOpenStack ??
>> For a diagram of the firing order see:
>> <>
> Thanks this was very interesting, I'm guessing the path used for  
> preOpenStack is the same one as for openCard?

Yep.  The path is pretty much the same for all messages, going to the 
topmost object in the path for which the message is relevant, and then 
passing through the path as shown in that diagram.

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