OT: Apple at 30 - My Piece of the Big Fruit

Lynn Fredricks lfredricks at proactive-intl.com
Thu Mar 30 12:31:35 EST 2006

> What a fun 'blast from the past'!
> I was about to choke on your description of the $10k IIci but 
> then remembered that our own first Mac -- a II plain and tall 
> -- was a good $3k on an edu discount ca 1989, and that a 
> color monitor would have run us an extra $600 US.  And that 
> the 'upgrade' from 1 MB -> 2 MB RAM was more than $100 US 
> several years later (for the kiddies, that's more than the 
> pizza or two that $100 would buy today).

Paying import was a real slap on top of the high cost of Macs then. How
refreshing is the Mac Mini :-)

Best regards,

Lynn Fredricks
Worldwide Business Operations
Runtime Revolution, Ltd

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