ODBC connection to MS SQL 2000 help needed

mfstuart at cox.net mfstuart at cox.net
Thu Mar 30 12:10:27 EST 2006

Hi all,

I’m enjoying this forum immensely – lots of pros with great advice and friendly chatter.
Hence I’m looking for help with the subject matter.

I’m using Sarah’s MySQLtest.rev to learn the required database connections, 
but I’m wanting to connect to MS SQL 2000 with an ODBC DSN name.
I’ve set up a System DSN for this using the SQL Server driver and SQL authentication.
Selected the default database, and the Test Data Source completes successfully.

I know it requires a change to the revOpenDatabase script,
and have made the changes, and have a successful connection.

Problem is, the select returns no data (when I know there is data) and the Counter = -1 for Matching records.
I’ve tried with and without the semicolon “;” in the “on mouseUp” for the “Select” button.

Here’s the select statement:

SELECT account_number as "Account No", account_name as "Account Name" FROM account;

I know there are plug-ins out there for database connections, 
but I’m trying to learn Rev Studio as it is.

Any help will be much appreciated, thanx.


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