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On 3/28/06 12:01 PM, "Chris Sheffield" <cmsheffield at> wrote:

> Thanks, Ken.  Unfortunately that didn't quite do the trick for me.
> My situation seems a little bit different from that explained in this
> link.  I tried adapting it to work for me but couldn't quite get
> there.  No matter what I try, once the report building process starts
> I can't do anything else.  And this is a lot of code executing.  So
> going into it at this point and putting in some kind of command here
> and there to update my modal dialog would be a lot of work.  I think
> this is a situation where threads would come in handy.
> Anyway, thanks for the idea, but got any others?  :-)

Sorry... I think any solution would require putting in a command in multiple
places to update the dialog. You're right that threads would come in handy,
but until that happens we're kind of stuck...

Actually, I have one other "out of the box" solution - make your progress
dialog a separate standalone application. Launch it with "open process" when
it's time to show the progress dialog and kill it with "kill process" when
you're done. You won't be able to do a modal, but you *could* do a system
window so it would stay in front of everything. Since it's running as a
separate app, it won't be encumbered by your other routines. However I'm
sure there's a small handful of issues to deal with due to running two

You *did* ask if I had any others, though...  ;-)

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