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On Mar 29, 2006, at 12:17 PM, David Bovill wrote:

> David Bovill wrote:
>> David Bovill wrote:
>>>    3) Use QuickTime with an external
>> With Tiger Rev can access CoreImage based transitions....
> And with Trevors external you can apply Filters to a QuickTime  
> movie - CoreImage Filters? So you could open an image in a player -  
> apply a filter and then export the resulting frame?
>    qtAddFilter movieControllerID of player "Movie", "filmnoise", 0,  
> 1200
> So which is the best way to manipulate image *contrast* and  
> *brightness*?

Hmm, I wouldn't get your hopes up with that one.  There is no Core  
Image support.  I don't think I have any way to configure those  
filters either.  Looking at the source code, the default filter is  
kBrightnessContrastImageFilterType when calling qtAddFilter but I  
don't have any code in their for passing in values.  This is a  
function that I was probably experimenting with but never really  
finished up.  Sorry.

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