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Wed Mar 29 10:45:25 EST 2006

Graham Samuel wrote:
> In my continuing search for a multi-page printing solution, I was  
> amazed to find the following in the Dictionary for RR 2.7.0:
>> revPrintText
> What amazed me was that nobody had mentioned it before, while I was  
> writing arcane enquiries to the list about counting lines, short  final 
> pages etc.

There's "revPrintField" too in case you need it. I guess when you were 
asking about printing, I assumed that you knew about these commands and 
they didn't meet your needs, so you wanted to write your own. When I 
mentioned the trick of setting the formatForPrinting of the 
templateStack and said "that's how the IDE does it", I was refering to 
these two Rev commands.

I guess we could have saved you some trouble by not assuming anything.

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