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Troy Rollins troy_lists at
Tue Mar 28 22:25:34 EST 2006

On Mar 28, 2006, at 9:23 PM, Troy Rollins wrote:

> Yes, my same application does this as well. In fact, in this  
> program, Rev can be one of the applications which launches the  
> AppleScript, which then in turn asks Rev to populate various  
> variables it may require. Now, I'll probably have to create the  
> scripts differently for when Rev is the caller, and simple pre- 
> calculate all of the parameters... which may not be possible  
> without a significant rework.

The good news is that because Rev is so adept at manipulating chunks  
of text, it wasn't too hard to regain functionality by having Rev  
dynamically generate the applescript code and precalculate the values  
of all the variables in advance, embedding them in the applescript  
before launching it. I should be able to do this for the larger  
functions that I have, but I did it with a smaller one and it works  
out OK.

I still preferred the ability to have the two carry on a backs and  
forth dialog, since the Applecsript may need to deal with dynamic  
events during its life, and without the ability to call functions and  
repopulate variables it feels like a one-way trip.

It wouldn't bother me too much if it hadn't worked so much better  
before. Unless I am missing something about the way AppleEvents are  
handled we lost a lot of Mac capability somewhere along with "do  

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