Applescript? CORRECTION

Troy Rollins troy_lists at
Tue Mar 28 21:23:44 EST 2006

On Mar 28, 2006, at 9:11 PM, Jim Ault wrote:

> I have not used the return of a value to the calling AppleScript  
> program.  I
> do use the following:
> do codeString as Applescript

Yes, my same application does this as well. In fact, in this program,  
Rev can be one of the applications which launches the AppleScript,  
which then in turn asks Rev to populate various variables it may  
require. Now, I'll probably have to create the scripts differently  
for when Rev is the caller, and simple pre-calculate all of the  
parameters... which may not be possible without a significant rework.

Ah well. It used to work really cool. "do script" was about the only  
thing in the Rev AS dictionary, but it was all you needed. You could  
call functions directly, and get returned values by way of populating  
AS variables. This new way is like both things can talk to each  
other, but neither are really listening.

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