Applescript? CORRECTION

Troy Rollins troy_lists at
Tue Mar 28 20:32:32 EST 2006

On Mar 28, 2006, at 8:12 PM, Jim Ault wrote:

> To be clear, Rev 2.2.1 allowed the "do script" to be sent from another
> program to Rev and trigger a handler. I used this form.

Thanks Jim. This is exactly the issue that I'm talking about. Kind of  
disappointing to have to rebuild all of my AS/Rev interactions in  
order to do an update to this application. I liked it better when Rev  
had an actual (albeit short) Applescript dictionary. Now it just  
claims to not be Applescriptable at all.

I guess I'll run some experiments, but I may decide that it isn't  
worth the bother and the application can just die.

RPSystems, Ltd.

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