Text Processing

Richard Gaskin ambassador at fourthworld.com
Tue Mar 28 19:57:10 EST 2006

Jerry Muelver wrote:
> Stephen Barncard wrote:
>> Except the discussion was about <web> text processing, which Rev is 
>> quite capable of.
> True, except for ordered lists... unordered lists... tables... 
> JavaScript or PHP code... CSS... text wrap-around for graphics... 
> positionable DIVs... H1-H6 tag preservation (RR converts to deprecated 
> FONT tags).... stuff like that there....

Depends which side of client-server you're on.

True enough, Rev makes no claim to being a web browser.

But for _generating_ CSS, JavaScript, etc. (the origin of this thread) 
all those standards are just plain text, which Rev can slice and dice 
with the best of them....

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