Rev Media and the product line gap

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Are you saying no such market exists? That would seem to me to be a strange
conclusion to be drawn by someone who has such major influence over the
marketing of a product that certainly can't be seen as appealing *primarily*
to serious professional programmers who have corporate checklists and
academic training influences to consider when choosing a tool.

I don't know who buys Rev. But based on participation on this list and on
the improve list, I'd have to say it *feels* like a far greater percentage
of people for whom programming is not a full-time occupation, most of whom
are developing software for themselves or their work groups or friends. The
hobbyist/inventive user market may be harder to find or pin down because of
its lack of verticality (verticalness?) but I don't think that makes them a
"bunch of unrelated target customers that only superficially look similar."
I'll be damned surprised if that market isn't the vast majority of the
current user base of Revolution.

On 3/28/06, Lynn Fredricks <lfredricks at> wrote:
> There is no hobbyist/inventive user from a software marketing perspective
> -
> that is a "D) none of the above" designation to try to define a bunch of
> unrelated target customers that only superficially look similar.

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