Rev Media and the product line gap

Judy Perry jperryl at
Tue Mar 28 14:46:56 EST 2006

Indeed, Richard,

That's the very point I would make about Hypercard: that it accomodated
all levels of users.

I'm certainly not making the point that mouse-based interaction is
superior/preferrable/etc. as oppposed to keyboard-based interaction.  Only
that GUIs were initially designed to stress mouse-based interaction over
keyboard-based interaction.

As with our favorite x-talks, more ways of doing things is better ;-)

I SWEAR I still find myself doing the apple-y thingy to eject disks...
even in OS X @;-P

Then, when that predictably doesn't work, I'll just click-drag it to the
trash can.  Always gives my students the willies.


On Tue, 28 Mar 2006, Richard Gaskin wrote:

> Ideally they would do well with both.  One benefit of the keyboard over
> the mouse is that the buttons don't move around. :)
> A lot of it depends on the task.  If you're doing a lot of typing you
> don't want to take your hands off the home row to go fiddle with a mouse.
> Also, blind customers need keyboard access for all features (though
> sadly I've had little luck getting my Rev-based apps to work with screen
> reader software).
> One thing I gotta say in favor of the Win HIG is how Microsoft
> repeatedly stresses the importance of having all features accessible
> from BOTH the keyboard and the mouse.  For all of Apple's push on
> accessibility, it wasn't until Tiger that they made all controls
> keyboard-accessible, and even then it's an option you need to find and
> turn on.

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