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Tue Mar 28 14:21:16 EST 2006

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> Couple that with the high productivity of Transcript's typelessness,
> chunk expressions, and merge function (just to name a few), Rev would
> seem a worthy contender for anything involving a lot of text  
> processing,
> on the desktop or the server.

True, Rev "COULD" be a worthy contender for anything involving text  
processing, but not until they add a few of the very basic text editing  
tools that end users need.

Individual Paragraphs in Fields
(BZ #2194)

Centering Individual lines of Text
Indented Paragraphs
I just created a new BZ #3464 for this request

These three would open a whole host of new applications that could be  
built with Rev.

These elementary text editing tools that simple word processors possess  
are required for end users to be able to use certain types of text  
based applications that can not be created with rev.

I'm not trying to create a new word processor, but text based  
management systems are not realistically possible with Rev with it's  
present abilities without a tremendous amount of work and then the end  
users interface is not natural and intuative. End users need to modify  
and format text in these elementary ways. By end users, I mean those  
that use our software, not us programers.

With the present tool set, we can't easily create these types of  

What other types of text based features would you all find valuable?

Tuviah posted on 9/16/04 in bugzilla 2194 that work was underway for  
improved paragraph styles, but that has been over a year and a half  
ago. Can anyone from Rev comment on the status of these enhancements?

Dave Calkins

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