MonsterCommerce & Rev

Thomas McCarthy tominjapan at
Tue Mar 28 09:41:09 EST 2006

I just finished integrating my rev project with Paypal very nicely (details comming soon). Then my publisher says,
"I'd like to do this with MonsterCommerce"....argh! is someone pulling my fingernails out?

As an added bonus, I see on their website that they're a NetworkSolutions company- the same group that refused to do anything to get revolution cgi's working. Ouch! there goes another nail!

I just sent an email politely telling my publisher it's not in our best interests to abandon the PayPal method just as I got it going. But on the off chance:
Has anyone had any experience integrating rev with MonsterCommerce?

(at first glance they seem to be more geared to physical products.)

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