When closed, does a substack whose destroyStack is true remains in memory ?

André.Bisseret Andre.Bisseret at inria.fr
Tue Mar 28 08:07:47 EST 2006

Le Monday, 27 Mar 2006, à 20:07 Europe/Paris, J. Landman Gay a écrit :

> Martin Blackman wrote:
>> Thanks Andre thats what I was suspecting if following the docs to the  
>> letter.
>> It doesn't seem like it should be necessary to save a file to disc
>> though just to print out !
>> For the printing which I have done, mostly unstyled text, I haven't
>> found any difference whether formatforprinting is on or off anyway.
> With some fonts, the difference in sizing is so minimal that the  
> output appears the same whether formatForPrinting is set or not. But  
> with other fonts, there can be a dramatic difference. On Windows  
> machines, it is usually a good idea to set formatForPrinting to true.
> One way to get around the save-close-open restriction is to make a  
> substack that will be used specifically for printing only, set its  
> formatForPrinting to true, and save it with the mainstack. From then  
> on, when you dump text into the substack's fields, they should use  
> printer fonts rather than screen fonts.
Thanks Jacque, but seems to me that I miss something :
I had understood from the Doc that if the subStack has its  
formatForPrinting set to true,  we must avoid to edit it (dump text in  
it) ?

> Another way to deal with it, if you want to create printing stacks on  
> the fly, is to set the formatForPrinting of the templateStack to true.  
> Then when you create a new stack for printing, the property will  
> already be set and will not require closing and reopening. This is how  
> the Rev printing library does it.
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