Target not working???

Chipp Walters chipp at
Tue Mar 28 05:01:08 EST 2006


On my library stacks I typically have the user type the following:

start using stack "myLib"

In the myLib_init routine, you can send a callback if you like to the 
calling stack (use the executionContexts if you like). And if you handle 
the callback in your library, then you have no worries about it falling 
through unhandled to the message path.

Or, you can trap the callback, if you wish, in the calling stack and do 
something with it.

Also, I see where you're using custom props to hold non-permanent data. 
While this is OK, I prefer to use library stack locals, as these zero 
out when the app quits. That way you don't have to explicitly reset 
them. I like customProps for data which may have to be saved between 
sessions...just my 2 cents.


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