Weird Idle behavior

Chris Carroll-Davis chris at
Tue Mar 28 04:17:24 EST 2006

Thanks for the comments Jaqueline.

Yep, I do appreciate that it's more efficient to use "send" * , but  
the trouble is I want the timer to animate smoothly, not lurch once a  

I have the thing working fine now without using the dreaded idle.  I  
know it's not the best solution, but I'm using two "flavours" of the  
updateTimer handler.  One that includes a call to send update in 6  
ticks (so I get 10 fps) that replaces idle. Another flavour (exactly  
the same but without call for update) updates the timer during tight  
loops (e.g. during mouse drag of objects).

Thanks again.


* Am holding copy of complete adventures of Rocky and Bulwinkle in  
right hand and hereby swear to *never* use idle again in my whole  
life. Ever. OK?


On 27 Mar 2006, at 22:17, J. Landman Gay wrote:

> Chris Carroll-Davis wrote:
>> Hello folks -
>> here's a weird one...  I'm updating a timer on idle:
>> On idle
>>   global StartTicks
>>   if StartTicks = "" then exit idle
>>   updateTimer
>>   wait 1 millisecond with messages -- attempt at kludge!
>> end idle
>> which just draws an arc graphic to give visual feedback
>> On updateTimer
>>   global StartTicks, timeLimit
>>   If StartTicks = "" then exit UpdateTimer
>>   put 180+(180/(timeLimit * 60) * (the ticks - StartTicks)) into a
>>   set the startangle of grc "timer" to a
>>   if a >= 360 and StartTicks <> "" then
>>     TimesUp
>>     exit updateTimer
>>   end if
>> end updateTimer
>> This goes along fine, timing out after the timelimit ... except  
>> that  it doesn't update the display!!    If I call "updateTimer"  
>> from a  repeat loop, it works fine.  Has anyone come across this  
>> before?  Anyone got a workaround!?
> Works okay here, after I set the arcAngle to something other than a  
> circle.
> This is really a job for the "send" command though. If you send the  
> message only once per second you won't get all that extra stuff in  
> the pendingmessages.
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