.swf in Revolution?

Jiro Harada jiro at ronri-kobo.com
Mon Mar 27 21:18:48 EST 2006


On 2006/03/28, at 7:36, Josh Mellicker wrote:

> Flash 8 has wonderful new text anti-aliasing that makes a big  
> improvement over previous versions.
> Unfortunately, I don't think the Adobe Flash team and the Apple  
> Quicktime team are getting along so good nowadays, as Flash support  
> in QT is only up to version 5.
> Anyone found a great, easy way to put a .swf on a Rev card?
> Thanks,
> Josh

I created the external in oder to play Flash movies on a Rev card.
F-ab, which is an application using the external, is downloadable at  
the following URL:


In Windows, the application requires Sun Microsystems Java runtime  
In Mac OS, it is not still compatible with Intel-based Macs.

Currently F-ab is using Netscape plug-in type Flash player version 7  
to play Flash movies on a Rev card. You can replace it with the  
version 8 as follows:
In Windows, replace "x:\Program Files\F-ab\Lib\NPSWF32.dll" with "x: 
\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\plugins\NPSWF32.dll", if you installed  
Firefox with Flash player version 8.
In Mac OS, replace "/Applications/F-ab 1.1/Lib/Flash Player.plugin",  
"Flash Player Enabler.plugin" and "flashplayer.xpt" with /Library/ 
Internet Plug-Ins/Flash Player.plugin", "Flash Player Enabler.plugin"  
and "flashplayer.xpt", if you installed Flash player version 8.

Jiro Harada

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