Removing password/passkey from stack

Robert Brenstein rjb at
Mon Mar 27 11:26:13 EST 2006

>Hi Folk,
>i'm having troubles with setting the passkey to disable the password 
>protection from a stack while it is open.
>Assume the password is "Gofer". Assume the stack name is "mystack"
>I open the stack and from the msg box enter:
>set passkey of stack "mystack" to "Gofer"
>set the password of stack "mystack" to empty
>From the menu bar, all the File > Save options are dimmed, so I 
>cannot save the stack
>I cannot add a field or button to the stack
>I cannot move the location of a control.
>Pray tell, what am I doing wrong?
>Burrton Woodruff
>Ripple Software
>I'm on Mac OS X 10.4.5
>I'm running Revolution 2.6.1 (Build 152)

It sounds like IDE does not adjust the state after your manual 
changing stack status. What happens if you follow those two commands 

save stack "mystack"

It should save it uprotected, so the next time you open it, there is 
no password.


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