When closed, does a substack whose destroyStack is true remains in memory ?

André.Bisseret Andre.Bisseret at inria.fr
Mon Mar 27 09:00:51 EST 2006

Le Monday, 27 Mar 2006, à 14:09 Europe/Paris, Martin Blackman a écrit :

> The original thrust of this thread still puzzles me a little - how
> does one satisfy the requirement stated in the docs that a stack be
> closed and not in memory before setting 'formatforprinting'  to true ?
>   eg a typical application has a printing substack that gets cloned
> (thereby opening it) and filled with data before printing.  I can set
> formatforprinting to true before cloning, but then the text fields
> will be edited before printing -which is also a no-no according to the
> docs, if I understand correctly.
If I don't misunderstand your problem, you want to use 
"formatForPrinting" in the frame of a specific printing stack.

Here is how I understood what is the necessary procedure :
If you want to use the "formatForPrinting" property (setting it to true 
before printing), your printing stack must be a main stack, not a 
substack of your main stack.
That's because, when your main stack is open, all its substacks are 
also in memory (even if they are not visible).
If your printing stack is a main stack then,
You can set its "destroyStack" property to true ("purge stack on close" 
in the Inspector, or in a handler, or in the msg box).
After editing the fields of your printing stack, you saved and  closed 
it (then it is removed from memory).
At this time, it is possible to set its "formatForPrinting" to true 
(even while it is not open) and then print.
After printing, set again its "formatForPrinting" to false.

I recently tried this procedure, but without success I must say ! So I 
came back to the printing substack solution (hence, without  
I posted information on the solution I adopted in my last message in 
the thread "Printing fields with images included by « set the 
imageSource of such char » (some insights).

Hope that help
Best regards from Grenoble

> Martin Blackman
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