Can a constant be global?

Robert Brenstein rjb at
Mon Mar 27 07:04:25 EST 2006

>This is another of those things that I've lived without for years - 
>I normally use globals to contain text strings which may change if 
>the human language of the app changes (what is the Welsh for 
>"Cancel"? - don't know, but I know someone who can tell me!), so 
>that all the values can be initialised in one handler when the app 
>starts up: but after all this time I thought I'd try using constants 
>However neither the RR documentation nor my experiments seem to 
>suggest that there is a way of making constants global (i.e 
>constant). Can this really be true? If so, they have a crushing 
>disadvantage with respect to globals. After all, RR's own constants 
>are global. I guess I've missed something.
>Thanks to anyone who can dispel another of my clouds of ignorance.

RR's own constants are global because they are part of the language 
so do speak. As such, they are defined in the engine. That makes them 
a different beast than constant defined in your scripts.

Replicating constant behavior at global level has been discussed 
quite a lot in the past, and not only on this list, but... it is a 
lot more complicated than it seems at first glance. So, for now at 
least, there is no way to make a global behave like a constant 
through declaration. It is up to you to designate some globals as 
global constants, like using a different prefix than for global 


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