Corrupted Stacks

David Burgun dburgun at
Mon Mar 27 05:19:10 EST 2006


I think you are confusing file names with stack names. In RunRev you  
can have two files with different names, but if the Stack Name (Set  
in the property inspector) are the same, you will get the message you  
describe. To get around this, quit RunRev or DreamCard and open just  
one of the stacks in question and rename it in the property inspector  
and save it again. You should then be able to open the other Stack  
file with no problems.

Also please not that the latest version of RunRev 2.7 uses a new  
stack file format and if you save a stack under 2.7 and try to open  
it with a previous version you will get a "Stack Corrupted" error  

Hope this Helps
All the Best

On 27 Mar 2006, at 05:26, Iden Rosenthal wrote:

> I just started using Dreamcard (how nice to be back with xtalk  
> after all these years) but after I did some work on some stacks I  
> went back to work on them again and it told me when I tried to open  
> a substack that the stack was corrupted. This was a shocker. I  
> don't really trust Dreamcard when I try to save files over the  
> older versions it seems to work. But then if I try and open what I  
> have saved it tell me there is already something with that name  
> open and do I want to Purge or Save or some such nonsense. It  
> really isn't very intuitive. Applications should just destroy the  
> files that you save over the names of with a different version. I  
> don't get why Dreamcard seems to be a nudge about there having been  
> a previous file that I thought I had done away with but somehow I  
> didn't. Fortunately I did have my work saved elsewhere in a copy of  
> a stack I had been working on that was not corrupted but it wasn't  
> because I tried to make a backup out of it -- it was only because I  
> am working on a large series of stacks that are all copies of each  
> other basically (differing only in their info content). I think I  
> would have been quite upset if Dreamcard had told me to look for a  
> backup of my work (which it does when a stack corrupted message  
> appears) but it doesn't automatically create backups and by chance  
> I didn't have one. Is there some way I can avoid this in future  
> other than always having two or three backups saved?
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