Avoiding line cut-off in a multipage printout

Dave Cragg dcragg at lacscentre.co.uk
Mon Mar 27 02:26:43 EST 2006

On 27 Mar 2006, at 07:36, Graham Samuel wrote:
> It seems to me that in principle we can't know how much wiggle room  
> to leave, because we can't know how different the screen and  
> printer versions of Windows fonts might be. I haven't any real  
> experience of this, but I guess that for some unusual fonts they  
> might be very different indeed.  And I want my printing handler to  
> be sufficiently generalised to allow it to print a text in any  
> available font, chosen by the user and therefore not predictable by  
> me. After all that's what even the most elementary text editors do.  
> Come to that, what does the RR IDE do?

Graham, I'm not sure of your exact problem, but can you use the  
pageHeights property? I've used this before to print multi-paged  
fields. But it's been a while now (more than a few days :-)), so I  
forget the exact details of what I did.

Apologies if you've already looked at that.


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