Rev Media and the product line gap

Timothy Miller gandalf at
Sun Mar 26 18:53:13 EST 2006

>>  (However, why make the backdrop an issue? If it doesn't
>>  create standalones then there's already a big incentive to
>>  upgrade. I suppose it would tend to limit what is distributed
>>  with it--you don't usually see utilities with mandatory
>>  backdrops, for example. Then again, you don't usually see
>>  utilities that require a player to run, either!)
>This is an additional form of differentiation which won't limit the
>usefulness of the product for its intended audience.

I can't endorse that statement. I've tried using my dreamcard stacks 
with the backdrop turned on, to get a sense of what it might be like 
to use Media. A mandatory backdrop seems unnecessary and user hostile 
to me.

Of course my stacks are still usable with the backdrop turned on. But 
in the course of my business day, I usually have other windows open, 
from other applications. I'm constantly moving back and forth between 
applications. With the backdrop turned off, I can just click on a 
window from another application to make it active. With the backdrop 
turned on, I have to fiddle around with the dock. It's just one extra 
step, but repeated several hundred times per day, it's annoying. It 
seems to say, "If you want a cheap ride on our loss-leader product, 
here's your little punishment."

That's hypothetical. I'm still using Dreamcard. But it looks like I 
won't need Studio when it's time for the next upgrade, unless I want 
to pay -- what is it? -- $250?? -- for the privilege of not having a 

If it's product differentiation you're looking for, wouldn't it be 
sufficient to make "backdrop on" the default setting for Media?

I vote against subtle, but user-hostile incentives to upgrade to 
Studio. I understand that Media is probably a loss leader. I'll be 
getting a good deal at $49. I'd feel fine about paying more money for 
Media if I could keep all the functionality I now get from Dreamcard.

Tim Miller

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