copy from a locked, focusable fld under Windows (results & one question)

J. Landman Gay jacque at
Sun Mar 26 17:27:23 EST 2006

André.Bisseret wrote:

> Also, this simpler handler works on Windows as well as on Mac. :
> on copySelection
> copy the selectedText -- the html form is kept :-)
> end copySelection
> 2 - BUT, if these handlers are triggered from a button :
> on Mac, it is OK
> on Windows, that does not work with the mouse "left button", but does 
> work with the "right button"  (discovered by chance by one testor) !
> It seems as if the click on the button using the left mouse button on 
> Windows deselects the text that was selected in the field.

Set the traversalOn of the button to false. With it on, it removes the 
selection. Macs generally don't respond to button traversal, so it 
doesn't affect them, but Windows OS does respond to it.

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