Correct Syntax???!!!

J. Landman Gay jacque at
Sun Mar 26 12:41:51 EST 2006

David Burgun wrote:

 > I think we are talking about two similar things here and they are
 > getting muddled!

Very possible. :) You know, the best thing would be if you would create 
a demo stack and post it to RevOnline or somewhere else where people 
could look at it. That would do a lot to clear up any misunderstandings 
and would make your technique much easier to follow than a text 
description on the list.

 > I wasn't really aiming that remark at you personally or anyone on  this
 > list. I was actually a bit hacked off with the attitude of  someone I
 > work with who won't even look at anything unless it's coded  in C++! I
 > had just gotton off the phone with him when I wrote it and  I suppose it
 > bubbled over into this discussion. Please accept my  sincere apologies
 > if I caused offense. You have been of great help to  me in on the list
 > in the past and I would like to take this  opportunely to say "THANKS A
 > LOT".

No problem, and you are very welcome. I want to pay forward, as they 
say. Lots of people helped me when I was learning, and I feel I owe 
something back.

I have a deep, long-standing love of xtalk and anything we can do to 
promote it is good. Tell your co-worker they are all wet. ;) Someone 
else on the list had a similar situation and took up a project that 
would have taken a C programmer months to complete. He finished it in 2 
weeks. The boss was convinced. You could try the same, if there is an 
opportunity. Watch their jaw drop. Smirking in response is allowed.

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