start using and standalones??

David Burgun dburgun at
Sun Mar 26 07:08:56 EST 2006


Not, not Hush-Hush at all! I keep all my .rev files as separate  
files. I have a folder structure like this (names without an  
extension are folders:

AppName                     <-  Main App Folder.
AppName.rev              <-  This is the "Splash-Screen" Stack and is  
built into a Standalone.
RunTIme/Externals   <-  A place to keep External Commands
RunTime/Images     <-A place to keep images
RunTime/Stacks     <-A place to keep the .rev files for the Application.

The AppName.rev file displays a splash-screen (but it doesn't have  
to) and then starts up the App proper by transferring to a .rev file  
in the RunTime/Stacks folder. I usually call this "AppMain.Rev". A  
Typical app might have the following .rev files associated with it:

About.rev            Stack to Display the about box.
Prefs.rev              Stack to Handle Preferences.
GloablsUtils.rev    Stack to hold "Global" Utility functions/handlers  
that can be used anywhere in the App.
AppMain.rev        Stack that contains the Application you are  

Of course you can add as many .rev files for this as you like.

I use this structure in the IDE, but when a Standalone is built the  
structure is replicated in the Standalone. On windows it creates a  
new folder, but on Mac all the folders are inside the App "Package"  
and so hidden from the user.

I also have code contained in the "Splash-Screen" Stack  which runs  
when the Standalone is built and copies folders and files from the  
IDE into the Standalone folder.

Hope this helps, feel free to ask more if you like.
All the Best

On 25 Mar 2006, at 21:42, Francis Nugent Dixon wrote:

> Dave,
> Your sentence tickled my interest.  I want to launch my Rev stacks
> in a convenient way, and I will listen to all solutions.
> Can you explain ?
> Unless, of course, it is "Hush-Hush" !
> -Francis
> "Nothing should ever be done for the first time ?"
>> I usually ship my RunRev apps as a number of discrete .rev files
>> and use a Dummy Splash Screen Stack which I build into a Standalone
>> and launch this to get the ball rolling.
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