Deleting A Card

Klaus Major klaus at
Sun Mar 26 04:57:54 EST 2006

HI Andy and Jaqueline,

> Andy wrote:
>> Hiya all,
>>  I'm still just playing with RunRev, but I've come across what  
>> appears to be
>> a problem. I created a mainstack and added seven cards (just  
>> running through
>> the tutorials). I've now come to do something proper with them but  
>> I can't
>> delete any of the cards.
>>  I move to the card I want to delete, choose object-> delete card,  
>> say 'yes',
>> but nothing happens. A bug or am I missing something peculiar to  
>> RunRev?
> Probably not a bug. You can't delete the last card in the stack,  
> but it sounds like you still have 7 of them. Take a look at the  
> "cantDelete" property of each card and see if it is set. When  
> cantDelete is true, you can'


Please be aware that deleting the last card will not actually delete  
that last card
BUT!!!!! it will delete ALL CONTENT of that card and that is not  

And this is not documented!

I was hit once by this phenomenon once quite heavily :-(

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