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Marvelously and clearly stated.

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> >> It's a rare bird who can
> >> both consult and teach/train
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> > why is that?
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> As a consultant and teacher/trainer, I can answer that. Consulting
> requires hard, analytical focus on problem, process, and solution. The
> consultant's output is specific direction and procedures, typically
> communicated on the consultant's preferred level, with his or her
> preferred (paid-for, remember) methods. The objective is to deliver the
> message, to change the recipient's projected path.
> Teaching and/or training requires a soft, empathic focus on others'
> skills and behaviors, along with a flexible ability to communicate on
> someone else's level and channel. The objective is to inspire the
> motivation to explore and integrate the message with the recipient's
> current path.
> Communication is the eliciting of a response. Effective communication is
> the eliciting of a desired response. The consultant and the
> teacher/trainer gear their communication for different responses, and
> therefore develop and practice different methods.  It's a rare bird who
> can shift from one objective to the other smoothly, easily, without
> disrupting the progress of the "objective of the moment".
> ---- Jerry Muelver
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