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I was not so much concerned with Return. It works as I'd expect. But it 
has always seemed strange that Enter should also produce a return in 
I go back before the Mac/Windows wars. The spreadsheets of the late 
70s, early 80s, and since use the following convention:
TAB = close the current cell and open the one to the immediate right
RETURN = close the current cell and open the one immediately below
ENTER = close the current cell

The Return is of typewriter lineage (especially the electric 
typewriters of the 60s - before that the carriage return was done 
manually). Return is also a lower ASCII character for use with teletype 

Enter is from adding machines - where it initiates calculations from 
numbers entered.

There is definitely a difference between Return and Enter! Enter should 
not produce a carriage return. But, as you say, three lines of code set 
the world right. Mark Smith's suggestion fixed all of the problems I 
was having.
Paul Looney

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   Paul wrote: 
 > Everyone, 
 > Isn't the current behavior of Enter (doing a return) wrong? 
  > If I am the only one who thinks so, I'll work around it with Mark's 
 > cure. Otherwise I'll bugzilla it (thought it had been entered in > 
Bugzilla already). 
  I don't believe the behavior's changed, and it's easy enough to have 
any other behavior you want. 
  But unfortunately if you want to ever support the other 90+% who use 
Windows, you will only confuse them if you have different behaviors for 
Enter and Return: 
  It seems everyone who designs PC keyboards are all under 25 years of 
age, having never seen nor heard of a typewriter, which would explain 
why they exhibit no understanding of the origin of the Return key on 
their keyboards: 
  PS: Oddly enough, while I can find that post easily on GMane and 
Nabble, searching for "typewriter" in the Rev list archives comes up 
  Not to RunRev: PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE add your own search on your 
archives. Outside services like Google have no obligation to index all 
of your content, and many searches with it produce incomplete results. 
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