Rapid Application Development in RunRev - My approach!

David Burgun dburgun at dsl.pipex.com
Sat Mar 25 11:05:35 EST 2006


There has been an ongoing discussion about the best way to structure  
a RunRev Application. I have been programming in RunRev for around 2  
years now and have used a variety of different methods and over the  
course of writing around 8 applications have developed a way of doing  
things that speeds up the development process. I call it ISM (Inter- 
Stack Messaging).

My main goals were:

1.  Object Reusability.
2.  To reduce the time taken to create a new app based on "standard"  
3.  Make it easy/fast to extend existing apps.

To give an example of the benefits of using the ISM approach I have  
written a case study based on a real app. I describe the steps and  
code I used to to develop Version 1 and Version 2.

All I want is a fast way of developing apps in RunRev, if anyone  
knows of a better way of doing it then I would happily change the way  
I do things, but all the methods I've seen so far I tried and they  
are not as fast as using ISM.

  I (and hopefully others) would find it useful if someone that uses  
a different approach could describe how they would go about doing the  
same thing. But in doing this they should build Version 1 and then  
Version 2, since if you knew what was going to happen in Version 2  
while writing version 1 it would be easy to do the coding so as to  
make Version 2 easier! In other words the app needs to "evolve"

I have posted the Version 1 and Version 2 to the list as separate  
emails called "RAD - Case Study Version 1" and "RAD - Case Study  
Version 1", you are on your honor to look at V1 first and then look  
at V2!

I have a bit more work to do on the ISM library, but once that is  
complete I intend to post it to revOnline along with Version 1 and  
Version 2 of the app described in the case Study.

All the Best

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