Ftp and cross platform issues...

Richard Gaskin ambassador at fourthworld.com
Fri Mar 24 20:04:29 EST 2006

Stephen Barncard wrote:

 > Chipp wrote:
 >>I agree. I'm rewriting my MagicCarpet Auto-updating Architecture to
 >>take account for that-- and also allow for the creation of portable
 > Wait. Doesn't the term 'Portable Apps' imply some kind of
 > cross-platformness?
 > I mean, that's why Web based apps were created....
 > Shouldn't 'Portable' imply 'play anywhere'?

In this case the "play anywhere" means you carry it with you wherever 
you go on your USB Flash drive.

For us Rev folks the concept of portability may seem odd, since Rev apps 
are often self-contained anyway.

But remember that a lot of Windows apps made with other tools require a 
small army of DLLs strewn all over the hard drive and a bunch of 
Registry entries to run.

A "portable app" in this context is one which is simply self-contained, 
able to run entirely from a USB Flash drive leaving zero footprint on 
the system it's run on.  Preferences, data files, and the app itself are 
all stored on the removable drive.

And with Rev we can add a level of "play anywhere" most folks claiming 
to deliver "portable apps" can't:  we can put Win, Mac, and even Linux 
executables on the drive, sharing a common data folder there, so the 
user can pop the USB device into nearly any computer on the planet and 
be able to run your app.

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