The Business of Software: What is Distribution?

Lynn Fredricks lfredricks at
Fri Mar 24 18:14:38 EST 2006

> Are you aware that there is already a book called "The 
> Business of Software"?  It's written by an academic and is 
> very good.  Maybe a different title...?

Not sweating the title at this point - absolutely the last thing to think

You only need to start with a title if you are producing a movie starring
Freddie Prinze Jr - as that is the best thing that can possibly come out of
it ;-)

You mean the Cusumano book? If so I wouldn't categorize him as an academic.
His Microsoft Secrets book, while now a bit out of date, has some good
nuggets in it about what works at MS (and a few things that don't ;-)).

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Lynn Fredricks
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