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> How is this done, or can it be done?  Or maybe this isn't even the
> right question.
> Here's what I'm trying to do.  I have a handler that generates a set
> of reports for my application.  That handler can take a while to
> process if there is a lot of data to work with.  So what I'm trying
> to do is display a modal dialog that basically just says "Please
> wait" while the reports are generated.  The "Please wait" dialog also
> has the little chasing arrows animated gif and a Cancel button to
> stop the process if necessary.
> Here's what's happening.  The dialog displays just fine, and the
> reports are generated just fine.  But while the work is being done,
> the dialog does not respond in any way.  The chasing arrows do not
> move and I can't click on the Cancel button.  Is there any way around
> this?  The dialog is a substack of the stack that creates the
> reports.  In the openCard handler of the first, and only, card of the
> substack, I have a send "DoReports" in time command.  And that's it.
> Is there any way to do what I want?  Seems like I've seen it done
> before, but can't quite get it working.

Here you go:


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