RevMail Command - Sending an Email

Chipp Walters chipp at
Fri Mar 24 14:54:03 EST 2006

Sean Shao wrote:
> This questions gets asked a lot David that I really wish that Rev would 
> just put it into the IDE/engine instead of the current method that they 
> use (or have both, choices are always good).
> Take a look at one of the following Rev libraries that should be 
> completely cross-platform:
> - "libSmtp 2.5.3" by me < > in the libraries section
> - "SMTPlibrary" by Sarah Troz < >
> Chipp has also made a wrapper library for my library that makes it a bit 
> easier to use, but limits the functionality..

It's called altEmailHarness and as Sean mentions, it uses her great 
library. It only allows the sending of plain text messages with no 
enclosures. If you need more than that, you should download from the 
shaosean site above.

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