Save stacks periodically to avoid crashes?

Thomas McGrath III 3mcgrath at
Fri Mar 24 13:15:34 EST 2006

Powerpoint - save after every slide and after every graphic gets  
introduced to a slide
Word - save after every paragraph, save after every copy/paste, save  
after every insert graphic
Safari - save bookmarks after every page with many pop-ups or I will  
have to use History
Photoshop - save after every layer is introduced and save after every  
filter is appied
Illustrator - save after layers are introduced, save after any effect
FileMakerPro - save after every template change
DirectorMX - save after every import, save after place image, save  
after script change, save often
FlashMX - save, save, save, save
Freehand - save after import or major changes - not bad actually
Painter - as bad as photoshop
iMovie - save often
iDVD - save often
GarageBand - save often

Every major package I own requires many many saves in every usage  
session. I had to learn this early on when doing graphics on Main  
Frame Computers like the Moonbase, Genigraphics, Zerox. If you didn't  
save every few minutes you would lose all of your work.

Some programs require more than others and REV in my opinion by it's  
very nature requires lots of saves. It's programming after all.

I would expect it to require lots of saves.

What happens when you use a backup software or Constellation?? Does  
it crash less with auto back ups?



On Mar 24, 2006, at 12:02 PM, simplsol at wrote:

>  It has been a hard lesson to learn - especially coming from a  
> HyperCard background where one never needed to save.

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