Shamelessly Soliciting Windows Developers' Votes

Troy Rollins troy_lists at
Fri Mar 24 12:01:08 EST 2006

On Mar 24, 2006, at 11:06 AM, Rob Cozens wrote:

> Even if you don't target the TPC specifically, you will sooner or  
> later find users asking why your application isn't responding to  
> changes in screen orientation or accept ink input.

Thanks for bringing this up. One of my current projects is  
specifically for TabletPC, and I planned on doing it in Revolution,  
which is why I just re-upped my Enterprise license. This bug could be  
a show-stopper for Rev on the project, which is quite large (4-6  

So, I take it that this means they only support horizontal screen  
orientation, and fields can't be filled out with a stylus, right? But  
the stylus can still be used for mouse-clicks, menu functions, etc.  

I have a TabletPC arriving within a day or two. Some quick tests with  
it will rule Rev in, or out, of the project.

RPSystems, Ltd.

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