Correct Syntax???!!!

David Burgun dburgun at
Fri Mar 24 09:24:42 EST 2006


It used to read:

put item 2 of myDataRecord into me

But I have had to change it because the use of:

put <something> into  me
set the text of me to <something>

Is not 100% reliable - see thread entitled "Weirdness Passing  
Messages" if you would like more details.

All the Best

On 24 Mar 2006, at 14:03, FlexibleLearning at wrote:

> put item 2 of myDataRecord into line 1 of me
> /H
>> I am trying to get the following to compile:
>> set line 1  of the text of the long id of me to item 2 of  
>> myDataRecord
>> I've tried a  few different variations but can't seem to find the
>> right  one!
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