last 2.6x version

Mark Schonewille europe at
Fri Mar 24 06:01:43 EST 2006


Yes, 2.6.1 is the last 2.6.x version of Revolution for Mac OS 9. 
Just  warning: this version doesn't seem to work in Mac OS 8.6 
and earlier.

Rev 2.7 is not available for Mac OS 9. If you want to continue 
developing for Classic Mac OS, I'd send an e-mail to support and 
request for a Classic engine that is compatible with Rev 2.7 and 



jeffrey reynolds wrote:
> Hi,
> What was the last 2.6 version or rev? was it 2.6.1? i looked on the  ftp 
> and the last thing there on the rev ftp download was v261. if  there is 
> a later version where would i look to get a copy of it.
> I need to support some apps in os9 so need to stay in 2.6 for this.
> thanks
> jeff

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