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Fri Mar 24 05:01:00 EST 2006

On 3/24/06 1:28 AM, "Andy Calloway" <a.calloway at> wrote:
>Do I go looking for a RunRev
> programmer, do I freelance our requirements or do I take someone on and
> train them in the art of Transcript?

You may have the best luck hiring a consultant who is very experienced in
PHP to come in and go through a few meetings, then give you set of
recommendations.  This would be a couple days of his time, and maybe a bit
of travel, but your idea seems to be a strong departure in your business
model, and worth valuable investigation.

 The reason for the PHP background is that there would be no language

A world-class consultant is worth his weight in gold.  I know, because I
just had a 2 hour consult with one in early Feb, and my business will be
reaping the rewards for the next few years.  He was able to confirm some of
our conclusions, dash many of them, then put forth several nuggets that led
us in highly productive directions.

Less than 4 weeks later we saw results in the bottom line!

PS  Don't forget about some of the developed products by people on this
list, such as altBrowser by Altuit, and work by Fourth World, etc.  The Rev
site has a list of consultants.  Appropriately, I am not on that list since
I only develop Rev tools for my own business use.

Jim Ault
Las Vegas

On 3/24/06 1:28 AM, "Andy Calloway" <a.calloway at> wrote:

> At the moment we do websites and that's it. However, we've recently been
> bidding for bigger and bigger jobs that although the customer thinks "hey,
> that'd be cool on a browser", I think that their users (internal that is)
> would feel far happier with a client application. So, as the Tech director
> of the company, it's my job to source the best method of doing these things.
> Now, I got RunRev as a hobby thing. I like programming and I like the
> challenge of new stuff, and this seemed a good toy to take me away from the
> humdrum of office life (busman's holiday I know, but us geeks are like
> that). However while I'm sat in a meeting the other day listening to some
> requirements, it hit me like a bolt that RunRev could do all and more of
> what was required.
> So, totally hypothetical at the moment, but let's say we decided to write
> some stuff in RunRev. We've got a small dev team of three PHP programmers
> and although they may find it fun, we really don't want them to take their
> eye off the ball. So I have a dilemma. Do I go looking for a RunRev
> programmer, do I freelance our requirements or do I take someone on and
> train them in the art of Transcript?
> Open discussion really, what would you do?
> Andy.
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