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Fri Mar 24 03:22:39 EST 2006

Hi Troy,

Le 23 mars 06 à 03:26, Troy Rollins a écrit :

> On Mar 15, 2006, at 4:41 PM, Pierre Sahores wrote:
>> Gohead and don't hesite about more details, if that can help ;-)
>>> Perhaps could you have a look at this link and binded example app
>>> material : it's a short resume of the way i'm running Rev TCP
>>> sockets application's servers under Linux and OSX since 1998. Don't
>>> hesite to ask for more closely explaintions.
>>> <>
> Hi Pierre,
> I've finally had a chance to review the documents above. That is  
> very cool stuff, but leaves me wondering... if what I want is a  
> socket server, why do I need apache and php? I don't have any need  
> of web pages or html, strictly socket communications. Is there some  
> other advantage that I am missing, or are we really talking about  
> two different things?

Yes ;)

Because Apache, PHP or PostgreSQL are natively working in  
multiprocessing mode, any time you stick a Rev application in betwin  
them, this Rev app will be "coached" by those three other components  
in "multiprocess mode" even if Rev (monoprocess able only) will not  
have to deal by it-self about multiprocessing. In practice, Rev just  
have to care about replying to the Apache-PHP requests it receive and  
the queries order is fully managed by Apache-PHP when Rev is acting  
as the httpd client app and by PostgreSQL when Rev is acting as the  
PostgreSQL application server app.

The main advantage is that this way make us sure that Rev has just to  
do its own job (run transcript code) without having to manage any  
multiprocessing or multithreading queue tasks. On both sides of the  
Rev app, Apache-PHP and the SQL deamon are full handling this for Rev.

So, even if you just want to use Rev to run "text" containts (instead  
of html) trough TCP sockets, it's always a rock-solid solution to  
have Apache running in front in your Rev "server".

Second : with the PHP sockets listener running in betwin Apache and  
Rev, the socket translation betwin "Apache:80" and "Rev:what you  
want" is always a very good solution to make sure that your Rev app  
is 100% unbindable from the intenet outside world. Only Apache is  
authorised to speak to it : in about the task of the security of your  
"n-tier" app, this can realy do matter...

> Thanks.
> --
> Troy
> RPSystems, Ltd.

Pierre Sahores

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