standalone crashing

Dave Beck dave at
Thu Mar 23 16:18:04 EST 2006

Thanks Jacqueline.

I looked at that Microsoft Send Error Log dialog and could not find any way
to extract the error logs. Any I missing something? Even Copy and Paste
didn't seem to work. Is there an easy way to save the log to a file?

Also, the stack contains a lot of proprietary technology that I would not
want to release to whoever is on the other end of bugzilla, so I would
definitely not feel comfortable posting a copy of this particular stack.
Where is the bugzilla site so I can at least start a case for this problem?



>> PS. I'm happy to have my clients collect the error logs if it would help.

>It always helps, and sometimes is the only clue as to what the problem 
>is. Most of us have found 2.6.1 to be extremely stable, so if you are 
>seeing problems, there is likely a reason specific to that particular 
>stack. Please do bugzilla it, attach a copy of your stack (not the 
>standalone), and every time you get a new log, attach it to the bug 
>report. Crashing problems get top priority.

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