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Chris Carroll-Davis chris at carroll-davis.co.uk
Thu Mar 23 14:31:36 EST 2006

Scott -

Thanks for the tips.  The real problem is that I want the stack  
visible on screen the whole time!  So Jonathan's crafty trick of  
using a screen grab to fake the window's existence on screen was very  

You are right about the external - I remember now.  Back in those  
prehistoric days, the white flash lasted a lot longer than it does  
today.  That external saved my bacon on a number of projects!

Think I'm going to just have to live with this one.

All the best,


On 23 Mar 2006, at 19:11, Scott Rossi wrote:

> Recently, Chris Carroll-Davis wrote:
>> Does anyone know a cunning way to prevent a window briefly painting
>> white when changing the window decorations??
> A few things you can try:
> 1) Set the bottomRight of the window offscreen (like -1000,-1000),  
> do your
> changes, and then move the window back to where you want it.  Note  
> that
> there is an intermittent bug in window positioning that requires  
> you to
> position the window to at least two offscreen locations to make  
> sure the
> position "sticks".  I usually do something like this:
>  set bottomRight of stack 1 to -1000,-1000
>  set bottomRight of stack 1 to -10000,-10000
>  set bottomRight of stack 1 to -1000,-1000
> Goofy, yes, but it gets around the positioning problem.
> 2)  If you're using Rev 2.7, try setting the blendLevel of stack  
> itself to
> 100, do your changes, and then set the blendLevel back to 0.
> 3) If you're using Rev 2.6 and your stack is Mac-only, you can use  
> Trevor
> DeVore's Window external to do a combination of 1 and 2 -- position  
> the
> stack offscreen, make changes, set the alpha value of the stack to
> transparent, move the stack back, then set the alpha value to opaque.
>> I do seem to remember in my SC days (heretic! heretic!) there was
>> an xcmd called "no flash" or "don'tPaintWhite" or similar.
> I believe this might be the same external that Mark Hanrek wrote while
> working with me on RadWindow, the first custom window shape  
> external for SC.
> We found the "white flash" annoying and he graciously wrote the WFE  
> (White
> Flash Eliminator) external to get around the problem.
> Those were fun times.
> Regards,
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