Paragraph Level Text Formatting

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>What is meant by paragraph-level formatting?
   The ability to have stuff like margins and first-indent value, vary by 
paragraph. At present, that stuff varies *by FIELD*, not *by PARAGRAPH*; that is, 
you can't have one paragraph in a field using different marginas than the 
rest of the paragraph.
   The obvious solution is for RunRev to upgrade Rev's text-handling 
capabilities. Failing that, the next most obvious solution is to put each paragraph 
into a field of its own, adjusting margins & etc independently, and group all of 
said paragraphs. The former solution is critically dependent on RunRev 
deciding that this problem is high-enough priority to be worth working on; the 
latter solution is *really* messy if you want to be able to handle *input*ting text 
like a word processor, as opposed to just *display*ing text...

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