Pixel Question

Richard Gaskin ambassador at fourthworld.com
Thu Mar 23 12:34:34 EST 2006

Klaus Major wrote:
>> Bob Warren wrote:
>>> Suppose I have 2 cards in a stack and I am moving the mouse over  
>>> the top card (naturally). I want to know what colour is under the  
>>> mouse pointer in a corresponding position on the 2nd card which is  
>>> hidden underneath.
> sorry this is not possible right out of the box.
> "the mousecolor" will only for the "actual" pixel under the cursor.
>> Richard G. wrote:
>> get the mouseColor
> maybe a whiff of sleep wouldn't hurt... ;-)

Yes indeed, I missed" hidden underneath".

The mouseColor works off the screen buffer, so while it works reliably 
for all windows, even the desktop or anything else on screen, it won't 
work on things that can't be seen.

I'll see if I can work out a nap later.... :)
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