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Mark Schonewille europe at ehug.info
Thu Mar 23 12:25:49 EST 2006

What about showing a palette window with a prompt "please 
wait..." then setting the loc of the window behind it to 
off-screen, changing its decorations, showing it behind the 
window with the prompt, and hiding the palette window? Probably, 
it would look best if you removed the title bar from the palette.


Chris Carroll-Davis wrote:
> Hello all
> Does anyone know a cunning way to prevent a window briefly painting  
> white when changing the window decorations??
> I'm allowing user to toggle between a "full screen mode" (kiosk-type  -  
> with black backdrop, hidden menubar and plain centred window) and  a 
> "standard" (draggable, minimizeable) window mode.   On OSX, at  least, 
> (not checked Windows yet) the stack briefly flashes white when  setting 
> the decorations which is a bit distracting.  Locking/ unlocking screen 
> around the "Set decorations..." line doesn't help.
> I suspect I'll have to live with it ('cos it's a "system thing") -  but 
> I do seem to remember in my SC days (heretic! heretic!) there was  an 
> xcmd called "no flash" or "don'tPaintWhite" or similar.
> ???
> Chris


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