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Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Thu Mar 23 11:59:21 EST 2006

Rob Cozens wrote:
> Richard, et al: 
>> Do any of you do automated testing?  If so, what do you test and how?
> The SDB Test Client stack that ships with Serendipity Library has an 
> automated testing mode, where SDB database commands are called at 
> random and a log of the last 25 calls and their results is maintained.  
> Before releasing a major change to SDB, I run automated testing in 
> single user mode for 24 hours, server & one client for 24 hours, and 
> then server and multiple clients for at least another 24 hours.

Cool stuff.  At Mark Wieder's suggestion I've also been looking at 
Eggplant, which is driven by SenseTalk, an xTalk originally developed 
for NeXT.

Interesting possibilities....

> I have mentioned before that automated testing led me to a bug that 
> would have been very hard to find otherwise:
> 	Command A could be called all day with no problem
> 	Command B could be called all day with no problem -- so long has 
> Command A had not been called.
> 	Once Command A was called, the next time Command B was called the 
> system crashed.

The SDB system or the operating system?

If the latter do you have a recipe posted at Bugzilla?
I try to stay up on crashes so I can avoid them.

I was at a Microsoft Developer Seminar once and the VB product manager 
said something very respectable:

"When working in VB if you have a script error that's your issue, but 
anytime you have a crash that's our issue.  It shouldn't be possible in 
a high-level tool to crash the OS, and we prioritize those issues highly."

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